I've also done few animations.

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- Chihuahua -
medium: photoshop 6 & win moviemaker Feb 6, 2006
Morris (c) me Sora (c) Korone Music (c) DJ Bobo (chihuahua)
This is a part of a music video. But yah..it's about Sora and Morris and made for pure laugh-factor.
Complete parody. XD I just wanted to do a video to fit the song and these
characters are just so fun to draw. morris is just a very affectionate guy.
He loves everyone. XD I didn't spend more than a minute (not even that!) on one picture.
So..it's really poor quality per pic, but hey, that was the whole point! : D

- APH Kenya -
medium: photoshop 6 & Imagready & win moviemaker August 15 2010
Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya the original video this was isnpired from (c) weebl's stuff
It was something funny me & friends came up a year ago (the concept of this).
I started animating the video then, forgot it and now finally remembered to finish it..
The beginning is copied from the original video, everything else is by me.